Can I buy real estate using cryptocurrency?

Asked 8 months ago

My girlfriend and I are very keen on buying our first house by year's end. Can we use our cryptocurrency (mostly Bitcoin) to buy real estate?

Francis Mills

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular over the past decade, with more and more people beginning to invest in this new asset class. While crypto is still largely seen as a speculative investment, there are now several ways you can use it to purchase real estate. You can buy property using crypto through many different channels.

Some financial institutions now accept BTC and ETH as home purchase payments. Some real estate startups will facilitate the transaction using cryptocurrency. However, it's also possible to buy property directly from another person using crypto – as long as both parties are willing to accept crypto as payment. While purchasing real estate with cryptocurrency is still not fully normalized, it is becoming increasingly easier.

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