Can I pay rent using a Bitcoin debit card?

Asked 6 months ago

Hi, I'm so curious about these Bitcoin debit cards and how much one can actually do with them. I am aware that many places like online stores and restaurants are starting to accept Bitcoin as payments, which is insanely cool. Do you think one could use the card to make a direct payment into someone's traditional cheque account? If that's the case, I'm totally using my crypto to pay rent!

Aryan Becker

Saturday, October 08, 2022

If your landlord accepts card payments, then you can use your BTC debit card to pay for your rent. Even if they don't accept card payments directly, your crypto debit card provider might allow you to make a bank transfer to your landlord's bank address. Once you issue the transaction, some of your crypto will be converted to fiat cash and the payment will be processed.

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