Community Guidelines

Welcome to Coinish's community – a forum dedicated to Crypto Conversations.

This is a safe space for anyone looking to discuss Bitcoin and, more specifically, how best to spend your Bitcoins.

We encourage open conversations, sharing experiences, insights, and information, as well as asking fellow members your Bitcoin-related questions.

To ensure that this forum remains a valuable source of information and an enjoyable space for everyone, we ask that you follow the community guidelines below.

We ask that forum users:

  • Show general courtesy toward all community members, regardless of their background, race, gender, culture, or status.
  • Respect others whose opinions, experiences, and perspectives differ from yours.
  • Check that your question hasn't already been asked on the forum or answered on our FAQ page.
  • Discuss matters related to the topic of the thread, and don't derail the conversation.
  • Be as concise as possible.
  • Share opinions and experiences, but don't misrepresent them as facts.
  • Post any resources or information that may be beneficial to other members.

We prohibit the following:

  • Posts or comments that are offensive, profane, or indecent.
  • Any form of discrimination or racism.
  • Personal attacks, threats, or any act of bullying or intimidation.
  • Comments intended to provoke others.
  • Promoting or engaging in illegal activity.
  • Knowingly posting false or misleading information.
  • Impersonating another or any other form of deceit or fraud.
  • Divulging any personally-identifying information, whether it is yours or another's.
  • Unsolicited advertising, self-promotion, or spam.
  • Posting copyrighted material without authorization.


The forum strives to benefit all members, which is ensured through the implementation of our community guidelines. Therefore, we take action against users who violate these rules.

To ensure the forum remains a safe space for all members, we follow up on all instances of misconduct. The consequences of not adhering to the community guidelines depend on the nature of the violation. We reserve the right to issue warnings, suspend or revoke user privileges, delete offending posts, or delete the user's Coinish account. For serious infringements, we will contact the relevant authorities.

While we monitor the forum discussions as far as possible, we may not be aware of every incidence of misconduct. Consequently, if you encounter posts or behavior violating the community guidelines, please report them at [email protected] We ask that you contact us directly and do not address the offender or the offense on the forum.

Terms of Use

  1. The information, resources, and other contents of forum discussions are not connected to Coinish in any way, nor do they represent our opinions or stances.
  2. Community discussions are not a substitute for the advice and services of trained professionals.
  3. We strongly caution members against using information or resources shared on the forum without careful consideration. You may be exposed to user submissions that are incomplete, outdated, misleading, or inaccurate.
  4. Coinish will not be held liable for direct, indirect, or incidental consequences of using the forum or any of its contents, including loss, damage, injury, or harm.
  5. Coinish is not obligated to respond to posts or maintain the confidentiality of the content posted on the forum, as this is an open form of communication.
  6. Coinish reserves the right to use, publish, reproduce, or display user submissions without any form of compensation. This will be done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


By providing your details and signing up as a community member, you acknowledge that you have read and consent to the community guidelines and Terms of Use.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that Coinish may take redressive action against you should you violate these rules and conditions.

Finally, you acknowledge that you use and participate in the community forum at your own risk.

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We welcome user feedback. Should you have any questions or comments regarding the forum, our guidelines, or Terms of Use, please contact us at [email protected]