Buy Smart Anti-Snore Sona Pillows With Bitcoin Via Coinbase

Sona Pillow, an Arizona-based retailer selling anti-snore pillows, now accepts Bitcoin. In an update published on Facebook, Sona Pillow announced they started accepting cryptocurrency. The company processes payments through Coinbase.

After a few years of silence and “intense demand” for Sona Pillows, this pillow maker is back producing and directly selling the Sona Pillow Classic again, this time for bitcoin.

The Sona Pillow has been developed by an esteemed Harvard Medical School graduate neurologist. The Sona Pillow has passed hundreds of medical studies giving the inventor the foresight and data to help make a perfect pillow.

Sona Pillows shift your jaw in such a way that opens up your air passageway that either removes or reduces your sleep apnea and snoring. According to the company’s website one peer review national journal study showed that the Sona Pillow was effective in correcting mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Besides stopping snoring instantly, this super pillow is credited for promoting side sleeping, preventing teeth grinding, preventing sleep wrinkles, reducing facial wrinkles, preventing your arm from falling during sleep. The pillow features an arm recess to extend one’s arm under their head and some models have a backside hole for Bluetooth audio speaker or scent packs.

The manufacturer cites many stories from the people who use Sona Pillows that were able to reduce their snoring and sleep apnea enough to get them off a CPAP Sleeping Machine. There’s even a Facebook group where Sona Pillow fans can share their stories.

The company claims to have sold millions of pillows to date. People buy them because, in the words of the manufacturer, “it’s not sticking things in your nose or mouth, or medicine or anything that can break or has refill fees, it’s simply a smart pillow.”

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