Expansion of Bitcoin Mining Intensifies: Crypto Miner Installs Underground Bunker, Cleanspark Secures Turnkey Mining Facility

Despite the crypto winter, Bitcoin mining operations have continued to operate as several miners disclosed growth plans over the last week. After purchasing 10,000 ASIC Antminers, Cleanspark informed that it has also purchased a fully operational bitcoin mining operation from Mawson Infrastructure. 

According to reports, Arsenal Digital Holdings purchased an underground data center west of Houston, and some people believe this is the famed fallout shelter built by Westland Oil. The CEO and creator of Terawulf also disclosed that the company’s Lake Mariner data center is operational with a SHA256 hashrate of 1 exahash per second (EH/s).

A “50-acre operational data center campus comprised of a four-story office building” and a “two-story subterranean campus” with an extra 100,000 square feet of space were reportedly bought by Arsenal Digital Holdings (OTCMKTS: ADHI) on Friday. According to a Dan Swinhoe report, the location is already prepared to accommodate 15 megawatts (MW) capacity.

Swinhoe adds that it is likely that the location was a bunker used by Westland Oil. The bunker was supposedly “shrouded in secrecy and protected by armed guards” when it was first built in 1982. Louis Kung, the founder of Westland Oil, constructed the location for his loved ones, close friends, and workers to “protect 350 adults for up to three months.” The site’s data center was renovated in 2008 after the bunker was transformed into one in 2004.

According to Swinhoe, the site was put up for sale in 2021, with the owner seeking $39 million. Arsenal’s CEO, Ryan Messer, said: “Data centers are among the most highly coveted assets in the digital infrastructure space, and we are proud to make this acquisition a foundational asset for the company as it will be a true flagship location.”

On the same day, Cleanspark (Nasdaq: CLSK) declared that it had reached a definitive deal to purchase a “turnkey bitcoin mining facility” from Mawson Infrastructure Group. According to the press release from September 9, the already-running installation in Sandersville, Georgia, has a capacity of 80 MW and can accommodate 2.4 EH/s of bitcoin mining. The information comes after Cleanspark recently purchased 10,000 Antminers under the Bitmain brand.

On September 9, Terawulf CEO Paul Prager tweeted that the business’s Lake Mariner operation is up and running with 1 EH/s and consuming 30 MW of capacity. Terawulf (Nasdaq: WULF) is a bitcoin mining startup. Prager clarified that 10,000 miners are already working at the site, and the business wants to “keep coming on at Lake Mariner and Susquehanna.” The CEO of Terawulf disclosed that 3 significant milestones were reached.

“A big thanks for those investors who remain constructive and supportive [through] challenging markets,” concluded Prager. “WULF infrastructure is incomparable and our electricity pricing stable and low. We will bring it home.”

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