Italian Red Cross Exceeds Bitcoin Donations Target to Combat Coronavirus, The Spanish Reject Crypto

Resistance the coronavirus required collaboration of all financial institutions to update the medicine system and save human lives. Bitcoin fund also participate in this public world effort.

Medical institutions in Italy and Spain, countries worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, are now in most pressing need of financial support.

But the Red Cross organizations in both countries are taking opposite approaches to cryptocurrency donations. While Italian charities raise thousands of dollars’ worth of bitcoin (BTC), the Spanish Red Cross says it will not accept cryptocurrency.

On March 12, the Italian Red Cross started collecting bitcoin donations to support the health care efforts and fight against COVID-19. This campaign is being assisted by startups and non-profit organizations.

In the first 3 days after announcing the bitcoin fundraising campaign, the Italian Red Cross has raised over $10,000. Helperbit, an Italian startup, set up a blockchain-powered bitcoin donations platform to help with the purpose. The funds are used to “purchase the core infrastructure and medical equipment” for a medical center “for COVID-19 pre-triage,” and excess funds will be used to “provide medical staff with the personal protection they need.”

Now, the charity organization collects money for a new medical facility with defibrillators and vital signs monitors. The organizers want to raise a total of BTC 4.1024 (USD 27,389) that will allow the new facility to host emergency operations and outfit it with much needed equipment.

The experience of getting bitcoin donations was also introduced by Dutch and American Red Cross branches.

Despite such obvious success, the Spanish Red Cross is not even considering accepting cryptocurrency donations. A spokesperson for the organization has told the media that the Spanish Red Cross currently only accepts credit and debit card donations.

Some media outlets believe that regulatory hurdles related to the legal status of crypto in the country may be preventing the Spanish charity from following suit.

Among other cryptocurrency platforms supporting world fight with coronavirus are Tezos and CoreWeave, which donate for providing the computational power for medical research. Gitcoin declared pledging $50,000 for funding various health initiatives.

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