Kronos Advanced Technologies Now Accepts Bitcoin

Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc., a US product development and production company producing devices that move, filter, and sterilize air that we breathe, announced on May 18, 2020 that it started to accept Bitcoin through an integration with Coinbase.

“It’s great to see Kronos accept cryptocurrencies, adding these new purchasing options available to Coinbase users and all bitcoin enthusiasts whom are looking to spend bitcoin whilst opening new marketing opportunities for Kronos’ unique product lines,” said Kronos President and BDO Michael Rubinov.

He added that being one of the first companies in the air purifiers industry to adopt cryptocurrency as a form of payment gives them a competitive advantage over the competition.

Since crypto payments are global adding Bitcoin as a payment option made sense because Kronos ships worldwide. Besides this payment option has no risk of chargebacks as with legacy credit cards, and lower fees.

Shoppers can buy air purifying systems directly from the company store. The products range from standalone air cleaners for homes, offices, and cars, portable air purifiers for personal space, eco washer machines, and protective gear.

Their flagship model, Kronos® AIR 5G®, is touted to be the best portable home air purifier unit in the world. With its 5 stages of air purification, air quality indicator, eco-friendly design, and smart control operation the Kronos® AIR 5G® thoroughly wipes out dust, smoke, dander, bacteria, pollen, viruses, odors, germs, and more from your air, giving you the healthiest breathable air possible.

Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. began operations in 2002. The Kronos’ technology for standalone and embedded air purification products is used across multiple large retail, commercial, industrial and military markets. Their technology uses state-of-the-art high-voltage process without the use of traditional mechanical fans and filters. Kronos-based products move air silently, filter, and purify the air while reducing energy consumption.

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