Mailfence, a secure email provider, accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin

Mailfence, one of the world’s most private and end-to-end encrypted email services, started to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

With this move, the Belgium-based email service takes the privacy and security of its users a step further by accepting payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin. This ensures that nobody can link the payment back to the user.

The Mailfence team believes privacy is a fundamental human right.

Email messages in plaintext are prone to meaningful eavesdropping, and other aspects like the use of weak crypto-mechanisms, backdoors and malware make it possible for intruders to successfully eavesdrop.

There are solutions like Prontomail and Tutanota, but Pattrick believs they completely miss the fine line between security and convenience.

Mailfence is a brainchild of Pattrick de Schutter is a typical serial entrepreneur who back in 1994 founded Allmansland, one of the first web agencies in Belgium, a couple of years later – IP Netvertising, the first ad-sales house in Belgium. In addition, he also took part in a number of successful ventures, including, Belgium’s first ever dating site, and, the only independent business news site in Belgium.

Following Snowden’s revelations in the summer of 2013 about massive government surveillance of Internet users, it became clear to Pattrick and his colleagues that user privacy on the Internet was seriously threatened. This is how they started the Mailfence project.

Mailfence is not subject to the treaty between the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand to cooperatively collect, analyze and share intelligence, collectively known as “The Five Eyes.” Unlike with the Five Eyes, in Belgium, the authorities cannot force a company to reveal the data of a user. Such requests must be accompanied by a Belgian court order.

Mailfence donates 15% of the Pro plan revenues to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation.

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