Namecheap now accepts bitcoin payments

Are you a cryptocurrency holder looking to buy a domain name for your online business, forum, or just create a personal blog? Namecheap, a popular domain registrar and a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, will accept bitcoin core and bitcoin cash for its products and services.

“We’re the first domain name registrar to do so and the fifth largest site in the world accepting Bitcoin, so we’re really proud of our innovative approach and this accomplishment,” read the announcement at the time.

Namecheap has been accepting cryptocurrency for quite some time now which testifies to their trustworthiness.

What’s more, by paying with cryptocurrency you add an extra layer of privacy and security. Anyone with bitcoin can purchase domains, web/email hosting, SSL certificates, VPN, or WhoisGuard privacy protection on Namecheap and remain anonymous.

The company decided to add a cryptocurrency payment option following feedback from its users who for months requested bitcoin support.

All payments go through BitPay, a popular payments processor.

Namecheap also decided to offer zero confirmation transactions (that is transactions that has not yet been verified on the blockchain) with bitcoin. This meant they would be providing services to customers before they actually receive the money.

There’s a minimum amount of $1.00 (for Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash) and maximum of $100,000.00 limit that one can add to a Namecheap account.

Detailed instructions on how to make BTC and ИСР payments are available in the Namecheap’s knowledgebase.

Namecheap is a US company founded in 2000 that provides services for registering, hosting, and managing websites. With more than 11 million registered domain names as of June 2019, it is one of three largest domain registration companies in the world.

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