Paying for Swiss-secure ProtonVPN with Bitcoin

ProtonVPN is not the flashiest, or even the cheapest of VPNs, but it’s one of the best picks on the market today. The ProtonVPN team’s huge emphasis on security and user privacy and an excellent desktop and mobile client that’s very easy to use are among its many compelling features.

In terms of distribution, its servers are located in 31 countries and protected with TLS encryption and Swiss privacy laws.

As said above, they take user privacy very seriously and as such they got to support cryptocurrency payments, which they do. The company only rents “bare metal” servers that are owned only by them, meaning servers are not shared with other renters. Plus, they also offer access to the Tor anonymization network, a quite rare feature.

They accept Bitcoin and Proton Coin from existing clients for subscriptions. It appears they don’t allow creating a paid account using Bitcoin, you can make Bitcoin payments when upgrading from one plan to another.

The best thing is, if you’re a basic user, you don’t have to pay at all: ProtonVPN has a free version that has no limit on data usage and allows connections to the USA, Japan, and the Netherlands.

What’s more, ProtonVPN does not throttle your speeds regardless of the subscription you use. That said, the Free tier has “Low” speeds because ProtonVPN expects it will have many users crowded into a few servers, while the paid tiers have “High” and “Highest” speeds because they have access to more servers and fewer users per server.

Besides traditional cryptocurrencies they accept their own Proton Coin. As they explained on Reddit, they believe this is the best way to raise capital for growth – to sell shares directly to the user community. Traditionally, startups raised the money from venture capital firms; however, the team’s experience has shown that interests of such investors do not often align with the vision and goals of the team and its community.

All in all, ProtonVPN offers more features for less compared to the competition.

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