Rainforest Foundation Accepts Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin donations

The Amazon rainforest region, one of the last oases on the planet, is facing the biggest destruction in millions of years. Clear cuts, forest fires, habitat destruction, species extinction, aggravated climate change – all because of unaccountable human activity – may soon result in disappearance of the “lungs of the planet.”

The members of the Rainforest Foundation US, a non-profit working to prevent further destruction of the Amazon, are calling out to members of the cryptocurrency community for support. On September 4, the Foundation announced they welcome Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash donations. Although the foundation has accepted crypto for years, this marked their renewed efforts on involving the crypto community.

“Business as usual has gotten us to this point. Philanthropy as usual won’t get us out. We need innovative solutions, and no one is more innovative than cryptocurrency users,” says Suzanne Pelletier, Executive Director at the Rainforest Foundation.

“[Crypto is] filled with people that are thinking differently and trying to change the rules of the game. It’s so slow and so bureaucratic to raise support from foundations. It’s going to be too late. We don’t have enough time,” Pelletier said to CoinDesk.

They’ve been involved in the digital currency for many years.

In May 2014, the Rainforest Foundation began developing their own cryptocurrency, BitSeeds. Though ultimately unsuccessful, their other efforts include discussions around a Crypto Kitties “Jungle Kitty”, exploring Simple Token for direct payments, considerations around becoming an EOS block producer, and fundraising via CryptoCare.

Today, they are developing a blockchain transparency pilot with Regen Network, that allows donors to track our work in the Amazon Rainforest and reward local communities who are protecting their forests with crypto.

The Rainforest Foundation have long been a part of the crypto community but now they need us on the team. The non-profit is also working on the project with bitcoin donation firm The Giving Block.

If you’d like to donate crypto to save the Amazon, check out this official link.

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