Shop Bitcoin socks at MtSocks

A Bitcoin exchange CoinCorner MtSocks has launched a range of socks to educate the average joe about crypto. –The store is called MtSocks, a play on the name Mt. Gox. The idea behind MtSocks is to teach people about bitcoin in a fun and friendly way and To show how Bitcoin can be used in real life. For payment, CoinCorner’s MtSocks accepts only Bitcoin (BTC).

Notably, MtSocks launched on October 31 2019 – the date Satoshi Nakamoto announced the creation of the Bitcoin “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” with his paper on the cryptography mailing list at

Design of every paid is inspired by some event or notion from the bitcoin history, and every pair comes with an information card that will educate the wearer about bitcoin.

For example, the Bitcoin Not Blockchain model uses a term coined by the industry who have become tired of hearing people say, “I don’t like Bitcoin, but I like the blockchain technology.” Bitcoin Not Blockchain reflects the idea that “blockchain really ain’t all that. Bitcoin is the powerful one.”

MtSocks will release a new design on the first day of every month, but, like with bitcoin itself, there will be a finite supply.

CoinCorner will sign a message with your private key, known as Proof of Socks, to prove the customer owns a bitcoin address and that each pair has been sold exclusively by MtSocks.

There are three designs available: Bitcoin Not Blockchain, Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy, and Bitcoin Wizard. New designs are coming in 2020.

They go for about £10.00 (0.00179727 BTC) a pair.

CoinCorner offers “Sockscription” where you’ll receive socks on a monthly basis, shipped straight to your door with free worldwide delivery.

Last but not least, 5% of profits from sock sales will be donated to support the Bitcoin Core Project

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