Split Tunneling – IPVanish’s rare feature for Bitcoin

We love VPNs. They allow us access geoblocked content: blocked YouTube videos, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, Netflix, listen to Spotify, and much more.

IPVanish, as a United States based company, a large footprint in the USA and is one the more reputable VPN providers out there. What sets it apart from the crowd is a feature called split-tunneling. 

What is split-tunneling?

By default, a VPN client will route 100% of your traffic through a VPN server. The Split tunneling feature lets us to control how internet traffic goes through our devices, while connected to the VPN. We can select the apps that we would like to be routed through the ISP, instead of the VPN. 

One advantage of using split tunneling is that it alleviates bottlenecks and conserves bandwidth as Internet traffic does not have to pass through the VPN server. Also, because you are not using the VPN mode, the speeds are higher for the apps that do not pass through the VPN tunnel. Another advantage is that you don’t have to turn off your VPN every time you want to use certain local services like food delivery apps, beacons, local places etc. It’s also great news if some of your apps don’t work with VPNs. 

All you need to do is select apps within IPVanish. After you have made your selections, everything except the selected apps will be tunneled through the VPN.

IPVanish offers this feature on its app for Android devices.


Top privacy

IPVanish is built with privacy and security in mind: industry-standard AES-256 encryption and the highly secure protocols, OpenVPN and IKEv2, provide for rock-solid privacy. They own all servers rather than renting other people’s hardware, which gives them far more control over how the network is set up and run. Besides that, IPVanish servers support P2P connections. 

IPVanish follows a clear no-logging policy, as they say on their website: “Our strict zero-logs policy keeps your identity under wraps. We do not record any of your activity while connected to our apps in order to preserve your civil right to privacy.”

IPVanish is highly configurable and the speedy live chat support will help keep everything running smoothly. 

To top it off, you can get all IPVanish’s features for Bitcoin, as the company also supports cryptocurrency to provide better privacy to its customers. All in all, when it comes to privacy IPVanish is hard to beat.

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