Swiss Luxury Hotel Dolder Grand Is Piloting Bitcoin

If you are planning your traveling in Switzerland, there are cryptocurrency-friendly hotels to accommodate your stay.

Starting May 1, 2019, The Dolder Grand, a five-star hotel, is accepting cryptocurrency for reservations, spa treatments, dinners, and more.

The brand boasted on Twitter: “We are very proud to have taken a step towards accepting crypto currency. The Dolder Grand is the very first luxury hotel in Switzerland where guests can pay with Bitcoin.”

The hotel won’t handle cryptocurrency itself, but it will be processing payments in partnership with Inacta AG, a Zug-based IT consulting firm. Inacta AG’s mobile app Inapay will convert bitcoin payments into Swiss franc or euro.

Mark Jacob, the hotel’s managing director, told CNN Money that currently they are testing bitcoin for its potential for payments. They “didn’t truly grasp the possibility of its success” and don’t know whether exactly this bitcoin payments solution will be a permanent and sustainable one. “But I think it would be a failure if you don’t give it a try,” he added.

This came as skeptics’ attacks on bitcoin are on the high. For one notable example, Oliver Herren of the Digitec Galaxus Group, the Switzerland’s largest online retailer, is one of such hardcore critics. He blamed bitcoin on-chain transactions for being far more expensive than traditional ones and targeted bitcoin for its inability to process transactions as fast as Visa or MasterCard.

Nevertheless, André Meier, the hotel’s finance director, is positive. He said in a statement to the press, “Many of the improvements in our service in recent years were made possible by advances in technology. As we believe Bitcoin is here to stay, it only seems natural to offer more choices in the payment process.”

If the DG’s pilot is successful, many more merchants across the country are expected to roll out bitcoin payments support.

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