The Tor Project now accepts Bitcoin via Lightning Network

This month, the Tor Project announced that it would now accept Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network.

The Tor Project is a non-profit organization best known for developing the Tor network and Tor browser. The browser made global headlines after the arrest of the Silk Road founder and subsequent removal of the online drug trafficking website.

Despite its being infamous, the Tor network was one of the first ways in which people utilized Bitcoin for commerce.

The development of the Tor network is mostly financed by U.S. government but the Tor team accepts funds from other sources too. The Tor Project’s current fundraising initiative is led by The Giving Block, a crypto charity organization.

The news first appeared on Nov. 19 via a Twitter post. In the post, the Tor team says donors willing to send cryptocurrency should use BottlePay for donating to the cause.

In BottlePay, users can send crypto donations without the need to copy and paste an address. This eliminates the possibility of mishaps that happened in the past. And users can donate in fiat currencies as well which are automatically converted to crypto. The supported currencies are the United States dollars, euros, pound sterling, Australian dollars, Brazilian reals, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, and 15 other fiat currencies.

Since the Tor network is used as a way to ensure privacy both in communications and cryptocurrency transactions, the project is worth the crypto community’s support. If you’re willing to support Tor, you can do so on their donations page:

Currently, Mozilla will match any donation you give.

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