Tydløs Couture Now Accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum

The rules of e-commerce are ever-changing. Being proactive and staying one step ahead is key, and the luxury fashion is no exception. Tydløs knows this first-hand and chooses innovation vs. stagnation.

With this in mind, Tydløs, a Spain-based luxury style shop, decides to start accepting payments with cryptocurrency. At the moment, they accept Bitcoin and Ether which you can pay for a big variety of luxury apparel.

Tydløs strives to provide the shopper with the finest selection of products from the most recognized brands in the fashion industry, all at the best possible prices: Perfumes, designer purses, designer shoes, accessories, and lifestyle products. They are constantly hearing their audience out, and issuing guidesmessages and collections to what shoppers want and need.

Their goal is to be the global technology platform for exclusive luxury fashion connecting creators, curators, and consumers. As an online market place, the brand believes that buying must not only be “just a purchase” but a pleasurable experience.

Above all, the store strives to learn and listen to its users by providing value and outstanding customer experience. They are honoring this value by starting a new cryptocurrency adventure.

As they say in their blog post, they’ve “never been afraid to try something new, and breaking the mould is our favourite past time.”

Online customers can enjoy discrete purchases with no banking fees and low transaction fees for international payments. This is not to mention that the blockchain network is fraud- and corruption-proof unlike traditional credit cards and bank accounts.

If you’re not a crypto holder yet, here’s what to consider. According to Investopedia, institutional big money is entering the blockchain world, and that means big changes are coming. There is even rumor that the Nasdaq—a US-based stock platform—will add cryptocurrency to its listing. This could mean never-before-seen credibility for blockchain users in every corner of the globe. If you don’t want to be left in the very back of the crowd, do check it out.

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