VikingHawks Sells Bushcraft Axes for Bitcoin

There are those of us who yearn for an intimate relationship with our environment… the wild places. Modern society seems to be actively seeking to destroy the natural human through diet, education, entertainment, politics, etc . If you pay attention too closely to all this mess you are likely to be either very angry or depressed or both. Popular culture is divergent to the natural world, which we are inherently a part of. 

These are the words of Greenbrier Bushcraft, a US-based venture located in the Appalachian Mountains near the Greenbrier River in West Virginia. If these words resonate with you, then you know the only place a man can feel alive and free is pure wilderness. You also know that one can’t venture out there barehanded. In addition to the skills and knowledge, a real outdoorsman needs to have with him, at least, a knife, a pack, and an axe.

Recently, Greenbrier Bushcraft launched a new product line — throwing axes in the Viking or Norse style.

On, any outdoorsman or re-creationist can purchase quality handmade made axes that won’t only make a man look like a real man and a woman look strong, but will also do a variety of camp tasks like firewood preparation, primitive shelter building, carving poles and stakes for a tarp, and, of course, one can have a lot of fun throwing them at old tree stumps.

They sell them for Bitcoin, among the traditional modes of payment. They do not store any payment information and ship worldwide. You get a lifetime guarantee for any of their products.

Justin Lowthorp is a man behind Greenbrier Bushcraft. He is an enthusiast of all things wilderness and a practitioner of traditional knowledge and long-term wilderness living — the very skills that helped his not-so-distant ancestors to survive and thrive in the unbroken and harsh wilderness of the New World. Bushcraft is the umbrella term used in reference to these skills today.

Greenbrier Bushcraft explores all possible methods that allow for long-term wilderness living with a minimum of modern gear. They accomplish this by marrying traditional woodscraft, bushcraft, and primitive living skills with permaculture and an intimate understanding of forest ecology.

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