WebLab: A Website Design Company That Accepts Bitcoin

WebLab is now one of the few website design companies that now accept Bitcoins.

They are proud to announce on their website that they have decided to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for some of our products and services.

They believe the digital currency is gaining momentum as a method of payment and as an organization that wants to be on the front lines of innovation WebLab is exited to be amongst the companies that accept cryptocurrency. Obviously, they still accept credit cards, but the support of crypto helps to expand the company’s client base and helps them save money on transaction processing.

“We have embraced what we believe the future holds, and we are hoping that some of our clients are making use of Bitcoins,” they write in their blog post announcement. “Just know that we are now one of the few website design companies that now accept Bitcoins as payment and hope to hear from you soon!”

WebLab is a ROI (return on investment) focused design and online marketing company with the sole goal to help customers put an effective sales system in place that brings high-quality leads, that you can convert into sales. It was founded by Scott Wentworth in 2009, when all he had was “a computer and an internet connection, and the ability to design websites.” Fast forward 10 years, and he now has a small professional team of professionals that he relies on not only to grow Weblab but to also grow their customer businesses.

Among the services they provide are Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Brand Development, AdWords Management, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting and Sales Copy, WordPress Website Design, PPC, eCommerce Websites, and Facebook Advertising.

Cryptocurency is a risk, but WebLab is a forward-looking company, they are looking to work with like-minded business owners — that are ready to grow their businesses, take risks, and be rewarded.

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