With US Currency Rising, Robert Kiyosaki Calls Bitcoin “Buying Opportunity”

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author has recommended buying Bitcoin and two other commodities because a U.S. dollar crisis is expected to appear by January. As the U.S. currency strengthens and interest rates continue to rise, businessman and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki has referred to Bitcoin (BTC), silver, and gold as a “buying opportunity.”

In a tweet on October 2 to his 2.1 million followers, the author said the prices of the three commodities, which are commonly referred to as “safe haven” assets, would continue declining as the U.S. currency strengthened, confirming its value until the “FED pivots” and lowers interest rates. The day before, Kiyosaki said in an article that this “pivot” may occur as early as January 2023, causing the U.S. dollar to “crash” in a manner similar to the newly weakened British pound.

“Will the U.S. dollar follow English Pound Sterling? I believe it will. I believe US dollar will crash by January 2023 after Fed pivots,” said Kiyosaki, adding he “will not be a victim of the F*CKed FED.”

A supporter of asset classes that the Fed cannot directly influence since May 2020, Kiyosaki once urged investors to “Get Bitcoin and save yourself” in the wake of the Fed’s sudden, massive money creation activities in reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. Interestingly, Kiyosaki continues to like Bitcoin despite not thinking it has any value, as he stated in a recent Rich Dad interview. In his most recent tweet, the author appears to be supporting Bitcoin once more, saying: “When FED pivots and drops interest rates as England just did you will smile while others cry.”

In a letter he sent to his mailing subscribers in September, Kiyosaki emphasized the necessity to invest in digital assets immediately to achieve outsized profits over the long run: “It’s not enough to WANT to get into crypto […] Now is the time you NEED to get into crypto, before the biggest economic crash in history.”

According to Trading Economics, the U.S. dollar has become steadily stronger compared to other significant foreign currencies during the past year, with reductions in the GBP/USD, euro/USD, and Japanese yen/USD of 18.24%, 15.54%, and 23.33%, respectively. At the same time, a 55% decline in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies over the past 12 months has coincided with the Fed’s interest rate rise and a rising USD. CK Zheng, the co-founder of the hedge firm, predicted last month that BTC would experience “very volatile” trading in October.

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