CoinLinked – A Crypto-Powered Social Media Network And Marketplace

CoinLinked, an American online social commerce platform powered by the blockchain, launches the first crypto shopping app that lets consumers purchase any product from any website using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether.
To date, there are quite a few startups that accept bitcoin or facilitate crypto e-commerce: Lolli, Fold, Moon, the Binance Card, Pluto, Bitpay, etc. But these platforms are limited to a list of partner vendors. (only Moon is limited by the number of websites their browser extension supports).

CoinLinked is the first platform and app that allows consumers to buy literally any product from any website in the world using cryptocurrency.

Founded by Wall Street veteran and serial entrepreneur, Jenny Q. Ta, who was also the creator of, a platform connecting VCs and startups, CoinLinked takes crypto-based e-commerce to the next level. It requires no merchant integration, so it effectively removes one of the major barriers to entry. Users pay CoinLinked in crypto, and CoinLinked pays merchants in their local fiat, as simple as that.

“Our aim is to grow the crypto industry by connecting the traditional marketplaces of today with the digital currencies of tomorrow,” said Jenny Q. Ta. “Especially in light of this new world we’re entering due to COVID-19, we’re streamlining the entire e-commerce process for people who want to move away from the dangers of spending or holding physical currency and want to purchase essential or other goods with crypto-payments.”

Users on the platform can easily transact in cryptocurrency while social networking. Users can make passive income by building their social net worth with and for crypto currency.

CoinLinked claims that by combining a simple and seamless crypto drop-shipping™ solution with a robust rewards system, the platform provides both security and flexibility that no other social platform does.

CoinLinked founder hopes that as digital asset acceptance continues to rise and his platform increases the accessibility and efficiency of cryptocurrency payments, this method of payment will become even more viable for buyers and sellers around the globe.

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