IPVanish supports 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices and all platforms

Most families have tons of electronic devices that connect to the Internet at home. Most VPNs limit the number of devices per connection, thus forcing us to buy more VPN accounts or forgo security.

But there are VPN companies that are more generous in this regard than others. IPVanish is one of such companies.

IPVanish offers a very competitively priced plan, feature-rich apps, boasts a huge array of their own servers, high-speeds with no throttling, and uses military-grade security.

But for IPVanish team the security and privacy of users is of the utmost priority. The US-based company believes no individual paying for an IPVanish should ever have to sacrifice the security of one device for another. In other words, the user shouldn’t choose which device to connect to VPN and which one to leave unsecured.

To uphold this value, in 2018, IPVanish announced they would increase the number of connected devices per user to 10.

According to the post, their team works diligently to meet shifting trends in online behavior and the changing demands of users. That’s why they’ve increased the number of devices a user can connect to our VPN at the same time.

Since 2016, their concurrent connections count was 5 because at the time, average consumer owned 3-4 connected devices. In 2018, that number doubled, as IPVanish explains. Not only have they collected more devices, they’ve connected more appliances to the Internet.

IPVanish allows 10 simultaneous connections per account from any location where their service is supported but as long as only one connection uses PPTP or L2TP. An example of typical use would be:

  • a mobile device connected via PPTP, L2TP, IPSec or IKEv2
  • desktops/laptops connected with OpenVPN/IKEv2/IPSec + other mobile devices connected with IPSec or IKEv2

Alternatively, you can set up a router with IPVanish VPN. If you connect to the VPN using your router, any device on your internal network will go through the VPN.

But when connecting your home router to the IPVanish network you will only use one of the allotted 10 simultaneous connections. So, no matter how many electronics you connect to your home network, they all will count towards one VPN connection.

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