IPVanish VPN – No Internet Speed Throttling & Access on Multiple Devices

IPVanish, as a United States based VPN provider, has a large footprint in the USA and is one the more reputable VPN providers out there. What sets it apart from the crowd is features like split-tunneling, SugarSync, end-to-end encryption, no speed throttling and access on multiple devices. In our previous posts, we talked about the first three features; in this post we’ll talk about internet speeds and multi-device and platform-agnostic access.

To use a VPN or not is whether to risk that anyone having access to your sensitive data or making sure nobody can see any of your personal data. Today, it’s essential for literally every Internet-connected person to use a VPN. This is true especially when you use the Internet for work in your own home.

Needless to say, you need a stable connection and a fast one. Many free and poor VPNs out there just don’t cut it. You risk being fired or missing your deadline with an unreliable tool like that.

Enter IPVanish — one of the most reliable and accessible VPN products on the market. This is simply because IPVanish never throttles your internet speed. While most of the free VPN service providers — and even some paid ones — cap your internet access speed considerably by slowing down data transmission during operation.

In addition, you can use IPVanish on multiple devices at a time. You can use a singular IPVanish account over five different devices at a time. Simply associate your IPVanish account to your router, which can then be used to connect many devices. This way, you do not have to download an IPVanish app to each device.

Another IPVanish’s features that makes it very attractive nowadays is its extensive device support. One can use its VPN service on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Fire TV, Windows Phone, Chromebook as well as routers. It is preferable to use the IPVanish’s VPN directly over the router to ensure that all your devices connected to the router automatically get the benefits of using the internet anonymously and securely.

To top it off, the company supports Bitcoin to provide better privacy to its customers, so you can get all IPVanish’s features for cryptocurrency. All in all, when it comes to reliability and usability, IPVanish should be top pick for any serious internet user.

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