Arcona sells land properties in the emerging virtual world, token sale is live

Arcona, a blockchain-based augmented reality platform, has a vision to create a grid of “Digital Land” over real locations across the world where digital content can be placed and then viewed by visitors via an app.

By Digital Land the Arcona team means a layer of AR on top of the real world that can be purchased with tokens. The blockchain technology and smart contracts will guarantee the intellectual property and copyright of each participant.

Arcona’s vision is quite futuristic, but there’s no reason why it can’t become a reality one day: New entertainment parks can be based on AR installations and businesses can buy pieces of this virtual land and use it as a new channel for communication with their clients. For example, advertisers will be able to place virtual billboards where clients can see them, or artists can create AR shows for the public.

Right now, people can only see this virtual world through their smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets, such as the HoloLens, but in future we should have AR contact lens, and then it will be more widespread and convenient. This future is not far: Samsung issued a Korean patent for a contact lens with recording ability, Sony patented similar lenses, and Google invented a micro camera for smart contact lenses.

Arcona’s project is based on the principles of democratic decision-making. Token holders will vote for new projects and offer their own creative solutions for improving the platform.

The Arcona platform is being developed by the team at Piligrim XXI, a Russian startup. The team hopes to first install digitized zones in fashionable neighborhoods in some biggest cities, including Soho in New York, the Asakusa district in Tokyo, the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, and the historical downtown of Rome.

To date, the company has designed eight AR parks in France, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Bulgaria and historic installations like this one.

Lot presales are underway, and Arcona plans to expand the digital land to cover 40,000 square kilometers by 2020.

“A few real estate companies in Europe already booked Digital Land in the Arcona ecosystem and became our partners. Another advertising company in EU will launch a loyalty campaign in Arcona ecosystem using a gaming project,” said Daniil Girdea, co-founder of Piligrim XXI.

Arcona’s team has just started a token sale. With these tokens users can buy pieces of Digital Land. You may join here:

In addition, starting April 15 the team is holding a raffle of the Digital Land: every day, 4 winners among all the new buyers of tokens will become the owners of digital properties.

The Arcona platform is expected to be introduced in the Q2 of 2018.

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