Buy Swiss Luxury Watches With Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Switzerland’s blockchain and cryptocurrency market is booming and is attracting more and more startups and innovators. The reason is the Swiss government generally seems won over by the blockchain. It is enticing fintech startups to come to its already booming Crypto Valley by stripping down its regulations for services surrounding digital currencies.

One more Swiss company, a Swiss luxury watchmaker Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, has joined the growing trend and announced it would be accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for its products. MCT is the first major watchmaker to officially accept crypto online payments.

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps is a Swiss brand, founded in 2007 by Denis Giguet. It’s known for its extreme technical complexity and innovative ways to display time. The company has just launched online sales. Instead of the traditional online payment, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has opted for cryptocurrency. MCT is also a CryptoValley member.

To support global digital currency payments the company partnered with Bitpay, the most experienced crypto payments processor.

Shoppers from around the world can now buy the MCT watches with bitcoins directly form the website in a few clicks. The watches are delivered globally.

Many of these state-of-the-art watches feature a sophisticated mechanism with over 600 components, patented system for rotation of the minutes dial and for accumulation of energy, frequency 18,000 A/h (2.5Hz), minutes indication on 270° sector, power reserve of 40 hours, sapphires, rubies, gold plating, Vantablack material etc. They proudly wear the label “Swiss made.” Some of their limited-edition watches, like Sequential Two S200 Eagle Rich Time, came with a price tag of CHF 97,500 Swiss Francs —approximately $100,000 USD.

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