Coin.Host: Buy a Swiss-based VPS with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other coins

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe and is well-known for its strict laws on privacy and data protection. These are the main factors that make this jurisdiction ideal for hosting sensitive personal or business data and services.

Coin.Host is a privately-owned company offering Swiss-based VPS that puts privacy and security at the forefront.

In March of this year, they announced cryptocurrency payment options. Customers can buy VPS services for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Nextcoin, and over 50 other Altcoins via CoinGate.


The company

Coin.Host, being one of the fastest growing Swiss web-hosting companies, is constantly expanding their services. Cryptocurrency support is a move in line with their continuing commitment to ensuring that clients receive the privacy, data protection, and reliability they need in the crypto and blockchain niches.

Coin.Host has been serving the global cryptocurrency and blockchain clients for the last decade and have earned a reputation which has seen the company become recognized for the highest levels of reliability and protection.

Today, Coin.Host team is proud to host and protect against DDoS attacks some of the well-known brands of the crypto community. In total, they serve more than 20,000 businesses and individual clients from all around the globe.


Tech stack

The company operates exclusively from an ultra secure carbon neutral Interxion data center in Zurich, Switzerland, that is certified to comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 information security and business continuity standards.

Its VPS hosted on a redundant cloud infrastructure and premium 10 Gbps network running on VMware HA hypervisors.

Other features include instant virtual server deployment, SLA assured 99.9% availability, DDoS protection for all VPS orders, 10 Gbps network connection, all-flash mirrored SSD array, highest privacy and data security in accordance to Swiss laws and industry regulations.

They also offer free instant VPS deployment, SSD storage, 200+ OS templates, free DNS hosting, snapshots.

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