Gizer – decentralized mobile eSports platform, token sale open now

These days, the mobile sector of esports is growing at a steep rate with over 1 billion gamer audience. Yet, there wasn’t a network or infrastructure to support and grow interactions within the eSports economy, no network connecting producers and gamers.

That was until Gizer set out to change the game by building a platform with dozens of different tools to help connect the gamer community across the world.

Gizer is a mobile and blockchain-based eSports platform and social marketplace that bridges the gap between all members across the gaming ecosystem: gamers, hosts, producers, various freelancers, developers, studios, and venues. Gizer provides opportunity to each party by connecting them through the various social interactions, events, services, and products on the Gizer platform.

Most importantly, Gizer is hosting gamer tournaments and team competitions which can be organized by any user. Other features include: create teams, build connections and find sponsors, join a tournament bracket as an individual or as a team, list your skills as a freelance service, and businesses can sell their product or service.

Gizer offers iOS and Android apps which are free to download. Every gamer has a mobile device, and the fact that this platform is designed for mobile is a great user case.

The Gizer platform’s back-end is built on the Ethereum blockchain, using common industry standards such as the ERC-20 token and ERC-721 non-fungible token.


Progress, token sale, and roadmap

The company has already launched a mobile platform available for iOS/Android.

Gizer partnered with a major ad tech company, Tapjoy, as well as IsCool Ent., and Gaze Coin and will work together on further engagement use cases.

While the full version of Gizer’s marketplace isn’t expected to be released until Q2 2018, the team already gets revenue from the platform and has grown to over 7,500 users in over 45 countries.

Early on, Gizer has engaged much of the Clash Royale community by offering a network that’s ideal for event discovery, and peer-to-peer connections. These partnerships have contributed to impressive MAU growth, roughly 5,000% since the release of a beta a few months ago.

The main Gizer’s token sale opened on March 15th with total supply of 10,000,000 GZR with 8,000,000 GZR being sold. In order to purchase GZR, one would need to have Ether and register at

The team’s roadmap is very busy with many features planned. Most notably, in Q2 2018, the team plans to revamp their apps, open APIs, and organize first team tournaments on the Gizer platform with a World Tournament event coming next in Q3. Also in Q3, the team plans to add support for many new game audiences like those of Dota 2, Overwatch, PubG, and Fortnite. In the Q4, they will be localizing their applications into other languages and make Gizer accessible via PC.

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