Help Agrikaab Make Camel milk the next superfood with cryptocurrencies

Agrikaab (formerly, a Kenya-based agriculture startup, is working on a line of projects that try to solve food supply and production problems in East Africa. One of their most prominent projects is production of camel milk.

Agrikaab accepts cryptocurrencies in a bid to attract more customers. Cryptocurrencies accepted are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ribble. So, if you are interested in this space and would like to support indie businesses in Africa, read along.


Camel milk startup

Agrikaab was founded in 2016 by Mohamed M. Jimale, Somalia refugee who moved to Sweden. Having IT skills and ties back to home, he decided to start a business to help alleviate consequences of the drought that hit East Africa.

He noticed a potential in camels which number over 12.2 million heads in East Africa, one of the world’s largest camel populations.


Why camel milk?

Rich in iron, vitamin B and C, and low in fat, the milk produced by the camel is valued in the region and across the world for its medicinal value, particularly against diabetes and allergies, and is even used as an aphrodisiac. Given its benefits for health and well-being, camel milk could grow to become the next global superfood attracting health-conscious consumers.

All this means camel dairy production in Somalia can be a profitable business.

“I do truly believe camel milk to be a superfood and more importantly the milk of the future,” says the founder Mohamed Jimale.

With six active farms across Somalia, two of which are dedicated to camels, Jimale says they hope to arrange partnerships that could help them roll out products like camel milk cheese, ice cream, and soaps.

Popularity of camel milk has been on the rise in the world. For one example, The Willow Tea Rooms in Scotland introduced the new coffee drink featuring camel milk as part of a project to support Kenyan female milk traders who are battling climate change in their home country.

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