Nanjing University Establishes One of The Earliest Metaverse Majors in China

China’s Nanjing University has reportedly introduced one of the nation’s first majors to study metaverse-related information. The eastern Chinese university claimed that this new initiative is intended to offer new courses relating to the metaverse that would enable more students to meet the demands of metaverse businesses.

More colleges and universities are incorporating the metaverse into their courses around the world. In its most recent metaverse effort, Nanjing University in eastern China will introduce one of the nation’s first majors in the metaverse. In order to include more metaverse-related courses in the institution, the Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology is renaming one of its major departments, the Information Engineering Department, to the “Metaverse Engineering Department.” Sources claim that this department may be the first in China to use the term “metaverse.”

The renamed department’s head, Pan Zhigeng, said that this change would help the school better integrate with metaverse-related businesses to recognize these organizations’ needs and train more people to fill their staff. According to Zhigeng, students would be better suited to work in three distinct fields, including smart healthcare, smart education, and digital tourism. The department will create three working groups: the metaverse research institute, the smart meteorological research institution, and the smart medical research institute to develop the university in these fields.

The metaverse is being used by other colleges as a tool to help students connect and integrate. In July, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology stated that it was building Metahkust, an online campus in the metaverse that would enable distant students to attend courses with one another as if they were in the exact location. According to university staff, this would produce better outcomes than 2D video applications (like Zoom) for the same strategy. The University of Tokyo also said in July that it would start teaching metaverse engineering later this year.

In addition, Meta said earlier this month that it was working with Victoryxr, a business that builds metaverses, to make ten virtual campuses. This is a vital part of the $150 million Immersive Learning project, which aims to integrate the metaverse into learning settings.

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