Particl, An Open Marketplace, Is Now Live & Accepting Cryptocurrency

The past has shown us data breaches and hacks occur no matter what are our security measures. This threatens the safety, funds, reputation, and identities of millions of internet users across the world. Mishandling of personal data by the companies we trust is one of the biggest cyber security threats, and not sharing your data in the first place is the only way to truly secure it.

Paul Schmitzer, Particl Project Marketing and Strategy, explained: “Concerns about online privacy and data harvesting have never run deeper than they do today. With the extreme privacy, security, and affordability of the Particl Open Marketplace, buyers and sellers are regaining control of their eCommerce experience.”


A new kind of shopping

This is the view shared by Paticl. They want to create a brand new decentralized and democratic economy supported by the Particl blockchain. They are building a very secure and privacy-focused ecosystem where netizens can buy and sell without any middleman and with security, privacy, and most importantly, near-zero fees. Already, they’ve built the world’s most private and secure marketplace. With today’s launch, eCommerce will never be the same.


Main benefits

The Particl Open Marketplace runs on P2P and blockchain technologies. No identifiable data generated or collected by any 3rd-party therefore it is completely anonymous.

By directly connect vendors and buyers at virtually no cost for either party and allows anyone to safely buy or sell products and services online and pay for them using cryptocurrencies.

Since Particl doesn’t impose any fees on vendors in the Particl Open Marketplace (except for a small anti-spam listing fee), buyers can enjoy savings of up to 40% as compared to traditional online marketplaces.



Particl Open Marketplace is powered by its native PART coin, supported by the Ledger hardware wallets. Marketplace features no-fee and decentralized escrow which uses smart contracts, runs on the fully anonymized RingCT privacy protocol, and doesn’t rely on any third party.

The marketplace accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies which are automatically converted to PART.


A dApp platform

Besides the marketplace, on Particl developers can easily build decentralized applications with the top-tier privacy standards. These dApps can directly be integrated onto Particl Desktop.


Particl Open Marketplace is provided an online experience or desktop by installing Particl Desktop for Windows, OS, or Linux.

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