Prager Metis CPAs, a Top 10 Accounting Firm, now accepts bitcoin and bitcoin cash

Prager Metis CPAs, a US accounting and advisory firm, has announced that it would now accept bitcoin and bitcoin cash as payment through a partnership with BitPay.

In this the firm is following in the footsteps of firms like Armanino and PwC, which was the first of the Big Four to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Founded in January 2013 by the combination of Prager and Fenton LLP and Metis Group LLC, Prager Metis CPAs is a Top 40 US accounting firm and a Top 10 International firm with sixteen offices worldwide including New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami and London.

Prager Metis CPAs provides a full range of accounting, audit, tax, advisory and international services.

The payments will go through BitPay , a popular payment processor that enables transactions from any computer or mobile device and handles over 50 different cryptocurrencies.

The firm expects the move to accept crypto will expand its customer base and will help to adapt to the changing marketplace.

“With the increasing number of clients in technology, real estate, and broker companies exploring ways to mainstream cryptocurrency, the ability to foresee the future and implement the infrastructure necessary to accept the growth of cryptocurrency payments is important to our firm,” said Glenn Friedman, CEO of Prager Metis.

According to him, they chose BitPay to manage their merchant processing because BitPay full handles the entire process, from getting the bitcoin or bitcoin cash from the customer to depositing funds into the firm’s account.

Besides accepting crypto, the firm started to help companies solve complex challenges related with cryptocurrency and underlying technology, as well as the compliance requirements.

Services provided include global corporate structuring, token taxes, token economic and design, blockchain advisory practice, management consulting, token sales advisory, branding and marketing strategy, and attestation services.

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