Scam of Amazon Crypto Token Presale Resurfaces, Avoid AMZ

No, there isn’t a presale for any new Amazon crypto coin or token; instead, a 2021 cryptocurrency hoax is making a comeback online. Avoid being duped.

Beware of a New Amazon Token Crypto Scam was the title of a blog article published by Avast antivirus back in December.

They shared photos of fake Amazon cryptocurrency advertisements that look to have been uploaded by CNBC, The Guardian, Yahoo, etc. But, they are fake websites created by con artists. Then, using bots, phony interaction is made in the form of bogus comments, likes, shares, and so forth. The comments are often closed when this sort of cryptocurrency fraud occurs on social media platforms like Twitter, preventing legitimate people from declaring it a scam.

The notion that “Amazon is buying Bitcoin” or investing in cryptocurrencies somehow has caused investors to FOMO into positions going back to the 2017 bull run and earlier. Then, based on a job advertisement, there was a suggestion that the retail behemoth may even introduce an Amazon cryptocurrency token. However, this never happened.

While hiring a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead” and expressing interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Amazon has neither launched its own cryptocurrency token nor shown any indication that it will. This week, YouTubers called attention to the fact that the AMZ token—also known as “AMZTRX,” “AMZD2X,” or anything similar—is a wholly fraudulent Amazon cryptocurrency initiative.

According to Ahrefs keyword data, Google searches for “Amazon token presale” and “Amazon crypto” combined total 2,000 every month. As of late last year, Avast calculated that the perpetrators of this cryptocurrency fraud had made at least $100,000. Always thoroughly investigate new crypto projects and token presales on your own, and seek second opinions from trustworthy crypto traders on Twitter, independent crypto YouTube channels, and Reddit.

Crypto frauds sometimes employ poor grammar, fake websites, and the personas of legitimate crypto influencers or active initiatives. Never open links provided to you without your permission, and never engage in one-on-one communication through direct message (DM). For instance, administrators of cryptographic Telegram groups would never ask you to “validate your wallet” or provide your seed phrase in a DM.

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