Sessia: Buy Goods for Crypto in Blockchain Network

With the advance of the blockchain technology, decentralized marketplaces present a new shopping and sales experience with a number of advantages over the traditional marketplace.

First, blockchain-based or decentralized marketplaces are peer-to-peer networks that directly connect consumers and sellers without any intermediaries. Second, a blockchain-based marketplace is hosted by its users and supported by their computing power which means no hosting costs. Third, smart contracts mean retailers, sellers, and consumers can make trusted transactions. Forth, blockchain prevents double charges, fraud, abuse, and any other type of manipulation. And finally, selling products with the blockchain model is cheaper than the cost of selling on any major traditional marketplace.


Shopping on blockchain

Sessia is a decentralized marketplace where users can trade (buy or sell) various products or services with cryptocurrency and enjoy many benefits like lower costs.

Moreover, buyers get cashbacks and so-called “kickbacks,” both are paid in Sessia’s utility token — Kicks. The seller sets the amount of kickbacks to be paid, which also depends on the number of friends or subscribers the customer has on Sessia. The kickbacks can be spent on shopping anywhere around the world, withdrawn, sent to other users, or converted to other fiat or cryptocurrencies.

The range of products is wide, as the company managed to forge partnerships with many reputed businesses like retailers, cafes, and restaurants, and service providers.


Selling on blockchain

In their turn, businesses can launch their online stores, create loyalty programs, provide support to clients, as well as monitor their revenues and customer activity — all costing less than on a traditional marketplace.

For businesses, Sessia offer a platform and a whole suite of tools for free. The tools will help businesses boost sales, customer acquisition, and hold promotions, while keeping their costs to the minimum.


The company

Commenting on the idea behind Sessia, Narek Sirakanyan, the president of Sessia, says on their website:

“High costs of marketing and starting online and offline business, inefficient programs to attract new clients and keeping the existing ones… To solve these and other business-problems we have created SESSIA – unique ecosystem that uses blockchain technology. It has a built-in social network for advertising goods, services, and notifying clients, simple and convenient e-shop constructor.”


Sessia along with 48 other projects, in different spheres, is a project by the Freedom International Group, of which Narek Sirakanyan is the president.

Last year, turnover of Sessia LLC was over $30 million. Sessia has offices in the USA, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia, and Taiwan, over 200,000 customers, and over 100 businesses.


Sessia does not conduct any transactions with cryptocurrency within the USA and does not sell tokens to US residents. For settlements with US residents, Sessia uses KicksPoints (until the completion of Bitlicence processing).

Sessia’s IEO is running on Coineal and Bitforex starting July 17, 2019.

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