UNLSHD Accepts Solely Crypto, And Here’s Why

An NYC-based creative marketing agency has announced that it would become the first agency that accepts solely cryptocurrencieswhen offering services through its website.

UNLSHD was created by advertising and communications veterans Tom Eslinger and Glen Cameron. In November last year, they launched their platform and voucher system for companies to better organize and optimize their marketing efforts.

“Blockchain is having a huge impact on business, and there are very few quality creative agencies that ‘get it’. And none that accept Crypto. We’re the first.”

According to KTVN news outlet, UNLSHD accepts up to 120 cryptocurrencies in all variations.

When using the platform, clients will get the UNLSHD alt/stable-coin KIBL, the so called the pay-first to pay-less token. KIBBL will serve as prepaid credits for Unlshd’s marketing products and services.

UNLSHD will accept KIBBL for the following services: Brand communication, Brand development, Brand PR/events/roadshows, Brainstorming, Design, Websites and Apps, Executive training, Media Buying, Media Training, Production, Post-production, Public & Media Relations, and more.

On their website, they explain that the reasoning for the decision to accept only crypto is based on numerous advantages of the digital currency.

Firstly, their platform runs on blockchain, this automates non-critical costly processes to save money for customer. Secondly, crypto payments have very low transaction fees. Then there is no danger of chargebacks as with credit cards. Cryptocurrency is borderless, so there are no unwanted third parties.

UNLSHD’s goal is to inspire startups, crypto-users, and innovators and help them build radical new businesses with world-leading branding, strategy, and communication services.

“We’re giving top-tier marketing services to the tech entrepreneurs, companies and talents of the future. Teams who worked for Lenovo, Sony, Google, T-Mobile, HP, P&G, adidas, Burton Snowboards, Levi’s, Toyota and General Mills can now be hired by startups or smaller businesses,” as the co-founder Glen Cameron explained.

For more on the KIBL and accepted cryptos visit their website.

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