MoxyOne – secure debit cards and payment infrastructure for crypto companies

MoxyOne is a blockchain-based financial infrastructure that can be white labelled by any crypto company or project and make daily purchasing easy and secure for their customers.

Token presale: Starts February 8 and ends March 10, 2018


The real world’s problem

The cryptocurrency’s benefits being undeniable, there is a growing need among the mainstream users for a way to spend crypto money in the everyday life.

And without customer spending, there is arguably no growth and no future for new crypto companies themselves.

Blockchain technology ensures that the money is stored safely which makes cryptocurrencies extremely reliable and trustworthy.

But this technology needs to be accessible and user-friendly to enter the mainstream.

MoxyOne’s answer

That is exactly what MoxyOne is developing — a cryptocurrency infrastructure that addresses concerns about the real-world usability of crypto tokens. Debit card, virtual card, or wallet holders will be able to use their crypto tokens for everyday electronic purchases in the real world.

MoxyOne has a very attractive ICO and a promising project— a simple, trusted solution that can be white labelled by any company, ICO, or project and brought to the wide masses.

Buying a cup of coffee with cryptocurrencies will now be as easy as paying with your bank card,” the company’s blog promises.


The company promises card holders (a MoxyOne or branded card) will be able to pay directly with their compatible mobile phones using Apple Pay and Android Pay via the issued virtual cards or at most merchants or ATMs around the world. Even at places where cryptocurrencies are not accepted.

In an emergency, users will also be able to get cash via ATMs and EFTPOS (currently offered only in Australia — with plans to go global).

MoxyOne also offers its own token holders (SPEND) a smart wallet system, virtual card, and debit card with added benefits such as rewards and negligible fees.

Because everybody likes to be able to earn while spending.

How to get a MoxyOne card

Companies will need to contact the MoxyOne team and pass a verification process for compliance with local legislation and anti-money laundering laws. Companies will also have to own a minimum amount of SPEND tokens to be eligible.

Currently, MoxyOne wallet/debit card supports SPEND, ETH, and SCL and support for ERC20/23 will be added in future, the company says on its website.

Here is the MoxyOne team’s complete roadmap.

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