Refereum aims to democratize gaming industry, profiting gamers, not corporations

Refereum is a decentralized referral-based gaming marketplace built on blockchain that promises to pay you and not corporations.

On Refereum, anyone can make money playing video games or promoting them, or simply chatting on Discord. Its promise is to remove the “marketing middleman,” replace the current inefficient process for video game marketing and monetization, and do away with high payment fees.

In the market where top game distribution platforms enforce up to 30% cuts of all product sales, taking away value from game companies and impeding developers, this is a very welcome project.

The project is backed by a strong team: a former software engineer at Zynga, a gaming business development ex-googler, a manager of the Unity Asset Store, and a “white hat” hacker, who returned $1.4 million in Ethereum stolen in the July Parity multi-sig exploit, among others.


RFR token

RFRs, Refereum’s own tokens, can be used to buy games, earn rewards (share referral links with friends and followers and earn RFRs), and pay a developer’s fee in order to feature or list a game on the platform.


The progress

Refereum already has a booming community of streamers, gamers, and developers (100,000-plus).

The Refereum team has already launched a working product which has been integrated with the biggest game streaming platform, Twitch, and the most popular game dev engine, Unity.

Recently, Refereum met its target sales quota ahead of the formerly scheduled public sale, but announced that they would not be holding an ICO which frustrated some in its community: “…after taking into consideration advice and feedback from our advisors and legal teams, we made the decision to complete the Refereum Utility Token Sale in its entirety through the private pre-sale process.”

For 2018, the team’s focus will be scalability and new features that will allow for the accommodation of more users as the network grows. In 2019, they hope to provide developers with deeper integrations and more rewards on the platform.


The potential

With the ever-growing gaming industry and extensive industry experience of the team, we think Refereum is a promising ICO. And the claim that gamers can earn money, even a living, off playing video games is a very attractive for the community too.

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