Stack – fee-free, instant cryptocurrency payments straight from mobile

The demand for instant crypto-payments

There is a big global demand for instant cryptocurrency payments at points of sale. People have crypto-money, but they can’t spend them in the real world scenarios.


The Stack’s solution

Stack ICO, utilizing STK token and Prepaid Mastercards®, offers an easy way to spend, save, and share crypto-money. It brings together the best of both worlds, the current banking system and the blockchain.

But unlike many other startups, Stock aims to solve this problem with a mobile app.

With a simple tap, users will be able to pay through the STACK app (or using a STACK card) and make purchases at any retail location that supports credit or debit cards directly from their cryptocurrency wallets.

Their own STK token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

The app will offer a range of attractive features like tap-to-pay functionality, no fees for any STACK services, refunds, instant cash-back rewards, help reaching savings goals, and exclusive offers from their partners and friends.

Having developed a mobile app, Stack combined the ubiquity of existing global payment networks with the secure autonomy of the blockchain.


How they are doing it

Creating a new payment system is very hard in a today’s monopolized world.

A few startups like Coinbase and Bitpay are using different approaches to achieve this goal. But, according to Stack, they have a few shortcomings, however.

One lacks the instantaneous payment guarantees that many retail merchants need. The other relies on a crypto-bank which would be in complete control of the customers’ money. This goes against one fundamental design goal of blockchain, autonomy. The new crypto-bank would also expose a security risk.

Stock resolves the above problems with the help of payment channels and by acting as a middleman between the existing payment rails and customers’ private crypto-wallets, as Stack explains on their Medium blog.

The startup makes their money business-to-business – they get a portion of the retailer interchange on each transaction, which allows them to provide all the benefits, without the fees.



This winter, the startup easily reached their STK token hard cap of $17 million USD, and decided to replace a public sale with a community airdrop.

Funds raised from the Token Generation Event will be spent on further development. They are aiming for the first instance of cryptocurrency payments at point of sale in Canada later this year.

Their STK community is now over 20,000 strong.

The startup has just launched a Beta app in Google Play and are adding users gradually over the next several months.

STACK is a Canadian company, so right now the service is open to Canadian residents, over the age of 18. One would need a mobile device that’s compatible with their system requirements.

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