New Investment Pattern Being Developed by Trident ICO

The cryptocurrency market has so far been dominated by Bitcoin. In fact, many analysts and investors called 2017 the year of the Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is still the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, 2018 is touted to be the year of the Altcoins.

With so much happening in the cryptocurrency world, people are now beginning to look beyond Bitcoin and are looking to expand their investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies. However, most investors are still confused about whether they should invest considering the large number of altcoins in the market today.

The Trident coin (TDC) ICO has offered to solve this problem for all its users. It is the world’s first cryptocurrency index fund that makes it possible for its users to have their own diverse cryptocurrency portfolios without having to actually buy those cryptocurrencies. Unlike its competitors, TRIDNET is a fully developed product which comes with a complete set of investment tools for its users.

The TRIDNET ICO took off on January 11, 2018 and in the last two weeks has already collected $2 million with more than 1,500 contributors. The funds generated from the ICO will be used to buy the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Users will have many investment options and trading in TridentCoin is just one of them. If a person is doesn’t want to actively trade in the cryptocurrency, then he or she has the option of staking his/her TridentCoin. This is basically a form of lending, where one can buy TridentCoin and gain daily interest on it simply by holding it. The index fund is also set to offer a referral program where a person gets paid when the people he or she invited trades on this platform.

The TDC has a highly liquid nature which the Index Fund believes will inspire investor confidence.

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